Choosing Plant Colours. Butt Cracks Gardening

Butt Cracks Gardening – How To Use Colour In Your Garden and Impress Your Neighbours. A Cheats guide to good taste.

Choosing colours for your garden that look good and are complementary can be tough. But you can cheat. Don shows an easy hack that even your average colour-challenged bloke can do!  Don visited a nursery with some tricks to help fellow butt crack gardeners to make some good choices, impress the neighbours and combine colours better than Vincent van Gogh.

Don’s trick is first, decide on an area of your garden you want to plant. Then go to your local nursery and grab a trolley and only load it up with two plant colours that are complementary.   Don went for purple and silver, which look pretty nice together. Don’s tip is to avoid a hotch potch of colours, so he wandered around only picking plants with purpley or silvery foliage and avoided bright green and yellow foliage plants.

The other tip is to ask nursery staff what colour the flowers are on your selected plants to make sure they fit in with your colour scheme. Remember, the plants might not be in flower at the time you buy them. Don rejected one plant because, although it had handsome silver foliage, the flowers were bright yellow and that would be a colour clash.
Watch the YouTube story here. And check out the plants Don picked below.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO PICK YOUR OWN PLANTS! -This is just an example.  Use the two colour formula & everyone will think you have outstandingly good taste! 

Plant List:

Strap Flower
Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’


New Zealand Flax
Phormium ‘Anna Red’

Emu Bush
Eremophila ‘Spring Mist’


Olea europaea

Don picked English Lavender & Lavender ‘Silverado’



Echeveria ‘Morning Beauty’ & Echeveria ‘Violet Queen’

Kalanchoe ‘Quicksilver’

Blue Chalk Sticks
Senecio serpens

Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

Don also showed another garden he created featuring this amazing purple flowering plant.blank
Mist Flower
Bartlettina sordida