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  • brick pathway

    Magic Illusions

    Jim Fogarty says creating illusions is one of the great trade secrets used by garden designers. Here, he explains how... read more
  • Picturesque Garden

    Picture Perfect

    Australia’s leading garden designer, Jim Fogarty, shares some great tips on how to make your garden look good enough for... read more
  • pools

    Plunging Into Pools

    Jim Fogarty says a pool can add considerably to the value of your property, but this kind of success only... read more
  • Pagola

    Structured Progress

      Jim Fogarty says as indoor and outdoor spaces merge, building structures outdoors has become a key part of modern... read more
  • Coastal place

    Hugging The Coast

    Australia’s leading garden designer Jim Fogarty says coastal gardens are all about working with nature, rather than trying to fight... read more
  • Shade

    Designing A Summer Garden

    It’s the time of year when most of us get the most enjoyment from our gardens. Summer is payback time... read more
  • autumn leaves

    Loving Autumn

    If autumn colour is a wonderful feature in your part of the country, Jim Fogarty has some great design ideas... read more
  • Bushland

    Blending Into Bushland

    Jim’s design for this garden close to native bushland proves that you don’t have to go all-native with your plant... read more
  • warratah

    Colourful Comebacks

    Australia’s leading garden designer Jim Fogarty is at the cutting edge of garden design trends, and he says using more... read more
  • crazy paving

    Stepping Out

    Jim Fogarty has tips on everything you need to know about paving – the different material options plus all the... read more
  • turtles

    Outdoor Gallery

    Jim Fogarty says beautiful sculpture and other garden art can bring personality and story-telling to your garden design, making the... read more
  • wood

    The Right Timber Choices

    Making the Right Timber Choices in the Garden Australians love entertaining in the great outdoors and have a strong affinity... read more