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  • Bird-friendly & Beautiful

    For the full article click here (1MB PDF) Don Burke says you can discourage the bossy, unwanted feral birds and... read more
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    Birds’ Beak and Feather Disease

      Correct Name: Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). In Australia, and probably other countries, PBFD and French Moult in... read more
  • Vitamin D: A Sick Budgie Breakthrough

    The world’s most popular pet is the Australian budgerigar.  It’s kept in captivity more than any other pet but unfortunately... read more
  • Hybrid Chooks

      Whether they’re called ISAbrown, Hy-line, Hisex or Lohmann, the red plumaged commercial hybrids are fantastic layers that adapt well... read more
  • Faverolles

    BREED: Faverolles Chickens COSTS: Around $50.00 per bird, $100 for breeding stock. $2.00 per bird per week to feed. GROOMING:... read more
  • Turkey Roadtest

    Breed: Turkeys Temperament: easily tamed, noisy males Cost: from $25 – $50 Lifespan: 5-9 years Maintenance: medium Recommended for:hobby and... read more
  • Cockatiels

    Cockatiels Breed: Cockatiel, hand raisedTemperament: usually affectionate, individuals can varyCost: from $20-$200 for petsLifespan: up to 30 years Maintenance: mediumRecommended... read more
  • Weird Animals

    Breed: Pekin, Saxony, Indian Runner ducks Temperament: Pekin and Saxony: friendly, placid. Indian Runner: excitable, timid Cost: from $20 Lifespan:... read more
  • Feeding Native Birds

      The feeding of native birds is an increasingly important issue as new housing developments encroach on areas of bushland... read more
  • Brown hen

    Cross Bred Chooks

    Breed: Cross-bred chickens Temperament: manageable, quiet Cost: $9.50 – $15.00 Lifespan: 2 -10 years Maintenance: low-medium (depending on numbers) Recommended... read more
  • Long-tail Finch

    Long-tail Finch Breed: Long-tail finchTemperament: inquisitive and sociableCost: $80 – $120Lifespan: 5-8 years Maintenance: lowRecommended for: beginner to experienced bird... read more
  • Polish Chooks

      Polish Chooks  Breed: Polish Chooks Temperament: Can be flighty Cost: $30 plus Lifespan: Seven years Recommended for: Experienced breeders... read more