Don’s Expert Answers: Need some assistance in plant choosing for my backyard

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in Calwell, Canberra Australian Capital Territory

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Need some assistance in plant choosing for my backyard

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want to plant in the ground

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Hello Burke and the team,

I am very new in gardening. I would like to plant some plants around my backyard and not sure what choices I have. I know what types I like to have but do not know their names or care and etc.

I tried a professional horticulturist but was not staisfied with the service.

Therefore, I was just wondering if it is at all possible to get some seggestions from you, please?


Hi Shabana, You need local knowledge, this is always best. There will be a local gardening club who can help you regarding what plants are good in your area. The best idea however, is to walk around your block looking for plants that you like. When you see one, pop in, compliment them on their garden and ask what the plant is. If they don’t know, ask for a small piece to get identified at the local nursery. Most nurseries have trained staff who can recommend plants for you. Before you go to the nursery, force yourself to write own what your plant needs are. IE an evergreen hedge that has perfumed white flowers and grows to no more than 2m. Or a deciduous tree that grows to about 5m and has stunning Autumn foliage colour. Best of luck, Don.