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  • chickens


      Anconas might be glamorous Italian fowls but they have a secret more people should know about – they’re pretty... read more
  • Turkeys

    When Feathers Fly

    Want some fresh turkey to cook for Christmas dinner, not frozen? Really fresh, like alive? Megg Miller has some tips... read more
  • Peacock

    Surprise Packets

    When it comes to faking it, your backyard henhouse gets its fair share of cross-dressers, role reversals and good old... read more
  • sussex

    Sussex Appeal

    Megg Miller says lots of people fall in love with the look of a beautiful Light Sussex chook, and though... read more
  • Hamburgh

    Love At First Sight

    See one and you’ll fall in love. Megg Miller says Hamburgh chickens are the hot pick for fashionable backyard poultry... read more
  • hens

    How About Hens?

      How About Hens? Thinking of getting some backyard chooks but not sure what to do? Poultry expert Megg Miller... read more
  • smaller chooks


    Yes, you can have farm-fresh eggs even in a courtyard! Chook expert Megg Miller says there are small, docile chicken... read more
  • chickens

    Pecking Orders

    There really is a pecking order in every henhouse, and it’s worth your while to give the newcomers a hand,... read more
  • blank

    Pekin Bantams

    Docile, small and pretty, but not a great layer, the Pekin bantam is a great bird for kids, small backyards,... read more
  • baby chicken

    Getting Clucky!

    Spring is the time to start making babies in the henhouse, says Megg Miller. We mean baby chickens, of course!... read more
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    Chooks For Kids

    Megg Miller says chooks make fantastic pets for children. All mum and dad need to do is choose the right... read more