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  • Best Pot Plants for Shade

    Burke’s Backyard list of the top 10 best pot plants for shade. Don has listed plants to suit a variety of climates. To find out which ones grow best in your area, check with your local nursery. Note: not all shade-tolerant plants do well in a pot, but these ones do! read more
  • Growing Olives in Coastal NSW

    GROWING OLIVES IN COASTAL NSW  OLIVE trees prefer a Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean soils, or they will struggle to grow... read more
  • Red callistemon


    Bottlebrushes (Callistemon spp.) are among the hardiest of Australian native plants. They are long lived, require minimal maintenance and are... read more
  • Best Potting Mixes

    Our March 2013 issue of ‘Burke’s Backyard’ magazine features a major investigation into the potting mixes you buy at your... read more
  • herbs

    Spring Tips: Repotting, Fertilising Citrus, Edibles in Containers

    Don looked at some ‘must do jobs’ for spring. Repot now Over the next few weeks plants will make about... read more
  • Drought Tips

    A drought is a tough time for all plants in your garden, especially the poor brown lawn. Here are Don’s... read more
  • Cycad Blue Butterfly

    THE CULPRIT It’s this cycad blue butterfly which is doing the damage. sick cycads Don Burke says if your sago... read more
  • garden

    Kids’ Magical Garden

    When a BBY reader and mum wrote in asking Don for his ideas on a magical kids’ garden he created... read more
  • Pheonix Rising

    When Don Burke visited Marysville in Victoria to see how the township is recovering from the devastating Black Saturday bushfires, discovering... read more
  • Money savers links

    May 2012 BBY magazine money-savers links, recipes and contacts For our list of money-savers links to freebies, cheapies and recycled... read more
  • Happy Plant – Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’

    Some of the unforgettable things which were popular in the 1970’s were shag pile carpet, the bean bag and the... read more
  • Faking For Profit

    It’s OK to fake it, says expert renovator Cherie Barber. When you are renovating, faking it is all about getting... read more