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Growing your own food at home

  • Growing Olives in Coastal NSW

    GROWING OLIVES IN COASTAL NSW  OLIVE trees prefer a Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean soils, or they will struggle to grow... read more
  • tomatoes

    Cherry Tomatoes

    What are the best tomatoes to grow? The cocktail fruiting ones! Don was lucky enough to have a Cherry Tomato... read more
  • Orange tree

    Best Backyard Citrus

    Don Burke says some citrus trees are much better performers in gardens than others. If you want a healthy citrus... read more
  • Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

    This week’s entries in the ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ competition include a photo of an ‘Atlantic Giant’ pumpkin grown by... read more
  • Red Grapefruit

    If you are adventurous in trying new tastes, you may have come across a glorious sun-coloured juice made from new... read more
  • Cumquats on the tree

    Best Backyard Citrus Care

    Citrus trees were an integral part of an Australian backyard and still have an important place in today’s garden. Not... read more
  • Roast Potatoes

    Burke’s Backyard resident scientist, Graeme Quirk, demonstrated how to speed up the cooking time of whole potatoes in a normal... read more
  • Pomegranate update

    A few weeks ago on Burke’s Backyard we featured a lovely ornamental variety of pomegranate called ‘Legrelliae’ (Punica granatum ‘Legrelliae’).... read more
  • Sweet Peas

    Sweet Peas February, March and April are the best months to plant sweet peas in all Australian climates, but traditionally... read more
  • Red Banana

    Red Banana The ornamental red banana has interesting flowers and foliage, and the colourful bananas produce lots of seeds, unlike... read more
  • Growing coriander

    Coriander Growing Tips

    Coriander grows better during the cooler months of the year. During summer, coriander plants change rapidly from leafy to seedy... read more