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Growing and caring for plants of all shapes and sizes

  • Lotus Flower

    Water Plants – Lotus

    There are a number of different plants throughout the world that are referred to under the name of lotus (family... read more
  • Water Plants

    Water Lilies: In a dry country like Australia there’s something wonderful about water gardens, they’re relaxing and they just feel... read more
  • Yellow Buttons

    Don looked at Yellow Buttons, an Australian native plant that thrives on neglect. Plant details Common name: Yellow buttons  Botanic name: Chrysocephalum... read more
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    If you’d like a funky, ‘land of the giants’ plant for indoors but you don’t want to spend much time... read more
  • Vanilla Orchids

    The vanilla plant is a perennial vine from Mexico and Central America, which climbs to around 15 metres and supports... read more
  • Free Indoor Plants

    One of the best ways to save money with plants is to go out into the garden and dig them... read more
  • Creeping Fig

    Don showed how classy creeping figs can look when used in a formal garden design. The figs were trained to... read more
  • Nasturtiums

    As well as producing brightly coloured, cheerful flowers, nasturtiums are ideal plants for a child’s first garden. The seeds are... read more
  • Pollinating Philodendrons

    A tough indoor plant commonly found sitting unobtrusively in the corners of living rooms across Australia is Philodendron bipinnatifidum (sold... read more
  • Native flowers planted in a hollow log

    Planting in Logs

    For a great Aussie look in the backyard, why not use an old hollow log as a planter? You might... read more
  • Banksia Ground Cover

    The most valuable plants in any garden are groundcovers as they protect the soil from moisture loss and prevent weeds.... read more
  • Weird Plants

    In keeping with the ‘weird’ theme of this week’s program, Don looked at some very curious and unusual plants. String... read more