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  • Siamese Fighting Fish

    Siamese Fighting Fish Breed: Siamese Fighting Fish Temperament: placid when alone, aggressive towards other males Cost: $4-$18 Lifespan: average 2 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: anyone,... read more
  • Tropical Fish

    Breed: tropical fish Temperament: varies from passive to aggressive Cost: $1-$1000 (per fish) Lifespan: 6 months to 15 years Maintenance:... read more
  • Archerfish

    The Australian native Archerfish (Toxotes jaculator) shoots strong jets of water to bring down insects and other small prey resting... read more
  • Clown Fish: Nemo Roadtest

    Breed: Clown Fish Temperament: usually peaceful community fish Cost: from $40 a pair Tank Setup: from $2000 Lifespan: over 10... read more
  • Funky Fish Tanks

    Funky Fish Tanks Qantas Amazing Australia While fish are attractive and engrossing pets, the tanks in which they live can... read more
  • Cichlids and Aquariums

    If you are too busy to walk a dog or care for a cat but would still like a pet,... read more
  • Fancy Goldfish

      Fancy Goldfish  Goldfish are very popular as pets because they are attractive, cheap to buy and fairly easy to... read more
  • Discus Fish

    Breed: Discus fish Temperament: inquisitive, best kept as single species Cost: $30 – $400 (per fish) Lifespan: average 10 years... read more