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Everything you need to know about our feathered friends

  • coop

    Chicken Coops for Small Spaces

    There’s a wide range of chicken coops on the market, even if you’ve got a small backyard, you can still... read more
  • Hybrid Chooks

      Whether they’re called ISAbrown, Hy-line, Hisex or Lohmann, the red plumaged commercial hybrids are fantastic layers that adapt well... read more
  • Polish Chooks

      Polish Chooks  Breed: Polish Chooks Temperament: Can be flighty Cost: $30 plus Lifespan: Seven years Recommended for: Experienced breeders... read more
  • Cochin Chickens

    Cochin Chickens Breed: Cochins (pronounced ‘coach-ins’)Temperament: docile, gentleCost: $150.00Maintenance: low-mediumLifespan: 8-10 yearsRecommended for: breeders and families History Cochins (pronounced ‘coach-ins’)... read more
  • Spring Chickens

    Graeme Quirk explained the origin of the term ‘spring chicken’. He says that it’s all to do with a chook’s... read more