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Eva Saul in Rose Bay, Sydney New South Wales

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Not sure but I have a Camillia which is growing well in this soil

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There is a Water Board sewerage pipe running along my back fence. I would like to know what I can plant there so that the roots would not affect the pipe? Some sort of shrub which would not need much care as I am an elderly widow and cannot really afford to pay someone to care for it. The width of the garden is 40 feet so I would need to know how many plants I would need and how much space is needed between each plant. My house faces east and the sun is the strongest at the back in the afternoon.

I’ve tried googling for an answer and also wrote to the Water Board for advice but cannot get any answers.

I would be very grateful for your help.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi Eva,

Firstly, the umbrella tree along the back fence may well upset your sewerage if the pipes are made of Terracotta. Plastic pipes are usually OK. Maybe the water board can tell you whether you have terracotta pipes or not. Sasanqua camellias should be OK along the back. Good luck, Don