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Planting A Kiwi Vine

Don's Expert Answers

Question From: Isabella PavliI in  Para Vista,  South Australia SA   Nature of problem: I would like to get instructions on the best way to go about planting a Kiwi vine and how to go about doing so Thank You   Type of Plant (if known): Kiwi Plants one male and one female   Symptoms of Plant Illness (please […] read more


Surprise Packets

Megg Miller’s Poultry Blog

When it comes to faking it, your backyard henhouse gets its fair share of cross-dressers, role reversals and good old sex scandals, says Megg Miller.   You may know lots about poultry but there are some well-kept secrets in the henhouse. Take hen-feathered roosters: no flowing tail feathers or luxuriant neck hackles with these boys, […] read more


The Right Timber Choices

Jim Fogarty’s Landscaping Blog

Making the Right Timber Choices in the Garden Australians love entertaining in the great outdoors and have a strong affinity with using natural products such as timber. However, many home gardeners or tradesmen are unaware of the origin of the timber we use and, sadly, too much comes from illegal logging in tropical rainforest areas. […] read more

Patchy Hedge

Don’s Tips: Patchy Hedge

Don's Tips

If you need privacy, it’s hard to beat a hedge. Hedges also can add great design effects to otherwise bland and boring garden areas. There are so many great hedging plants: Box hedge plants, gardenias, murrayas, lillypillies, photinias and many more. Most plant nurseries have a range of hedging plants for sale. One problem with […] read more

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