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Giant Tomato Bushes - large fruiting tomato plants

Giant Tomato Bushes – HELP

Don's Expert Answers

From Chris, Stretton, Brisbane, QLD Q:  Hi Don,  PHOTOS ATTACHED We are growing 2 x Truss Tomato bushes and 4 x Cherry Tomato bushes and they are over 9 feet tall and still growing fast…. We don know how to stop them or what to do.. We have run out of tall poles.  Please have […] read more

baby chicken

Getting Clucky!

Megg Miller’s Poultry Blog

Spring is the time to start making babies in the henhouse, says Megg Miller. We mean baby chickens, of course! September is a great time to think about chickens. Littlies hatched now will be laying eggs for you before the days shorten next autumn. That means fresh eggs over winter, so get started now. Start […] read more

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks

Jim Fogarty’s Landscaping Blog

For small gardens and balconies, garden designer Jim Fogarty shows how to delve deep into the designer’s bag of tricks to come up with a result that’s sheer magic. As land size is gradually being squeezed in city areas, and apartment living is becoming more popular, gardeners are on the lookout for new ways to […] read more


Don’s Tips: Orchids In The Bathroom

Don's Tips

Do you have the luxury of a bathroom with a heated floor?  If you do, you will be enjoying one of life’s great luxuries.  But consider that this warm room is ideal for growing tropical indoor plants.  Most indoor plants hate cold weather below about 15ºC. In my bathroom which, luckily for me, does have […] read more

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