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Giant Tomato Bushes - large fruiting tomato plants

Giant Tomato Bushes – HELP

Don's Expert Answers

From Chris, Stretton, Brisbane, QLD Q:  Hi Don,  PHOTOS ATTACHED We are growing 2 x Truss Tomato bushes and 4 x Cherry Tomato bushes and they are over 9 feet tall and still growing fast…. We don know how to stop them or what to do.. We have run out of tall poles.  Please have […] read more


Pekin Bantams

Megg Miller’s Poultry Blog

Docile, small and pretty, but not a great layer, the Pekin bantam is a great bird for kids, small backyards, beginners – or all three! Some fowls are elegant looking, some exotic but the Pekin bantam is reminiscent of a cuddly ball of feathers. You cannot go past this demure, docile bird if you fancy […] read more

Careful Ageing

Careful Ageing

Jim Fogarty’s Landscaping Blog

Garden designer Jim Fogarty shares some great tips on how to make a new house and garden feel older than it really is. There is something charming about a heritage-style home. Modern living is not for everyone and many people prefer to recreate a heritage appeal house with a more rustic, lived-in garden look to […] read more

Australian Finger Limes

Don’s Tips: Limes

Don's Tips

In my opinion limes are the best of the citrus varieties. The lime fruit flavor is superb with fish, in curries, in drinks, in cakes and in marmalade. Limes are a great substitute for lemons – a tastier alternative. I recommend 3 different limes for your place: 1. The common Tahitian lime that is like […] read more

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