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Don Burke’s Backyard Farm

Don Burke’s blog

Designed by Jim Fogarty in consultation with Don Burke at the Australian Garden Show, this is the garden of the future. It is a FUSION garden where the best Asian ideas are mixed with the best Western culture ideas. It is both an organic food producing garden as well as a garden of flowers. And […] read more


Love At First Sight

Megg Miller’s Poultry Blog

See one and you’ll fall in love. Megg Miller says Hamburgh chickens are the hot pick for fashionable backyard poultry keepers – and they’re good layers, too.   Hamburghs are hot. They are such an engaging bird that once people see them they want them. Advice that they are quite naughty falls on deaf ears. […] read more

fake timber

Looks Like Timber!

Jim Fogarty’s Landscaping Blog

Jim Fogarty says there’s more than one way to bring the great look of timber into your garden design, and some of the easiest-care options don’t use any real timber at all.   Lots of people would agree that it’s hard to beat the look and feel of natural timber, but there are certain situations […] read more


Don’s Tips: Weekend Warriors

Don's Tips

Today’s sermon is directed at the Weekend Warriors of Australia: the brave souls who drive a desk all week then go out to create havoc on weekends. You will benefit from using your body well. For instance, always let the tool do the work: not your arms or body. A saw cuts best and easiest […] read more

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