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Planting A Kiwi Vine

Don's Expert Answers

Question From: Isabella PavliI in  Para Vista,  South Australia SA   Nature of problem: I would like to get instructions on the best way to go about planting a Kiwi vine and how to go about doing so Thank You   Type of Plant (if known): Kiwi Plants one male and one female   Symptoms of Plant Illness (please […] read more


Surprise Packets

Megg Miller’s Poultry Blog

When it comes to faking it, your backyard henhouse gets its fair share of cross-dressers, role reversals and good old sex scandals, says Megg Miller.   You may know lots about poultry but there are some well-kept secrets in the henhouse. Take hen-feathered roosters: no flowing tail feathers or luxuriant neck hackles with these boys, […] read more


Driving For Dollars

Jim Fogarty’s Landscaping Blog

Driveways take up a lot of space in any front garden, so Jim Fogarty says a well-designed driveway can actually add value to your property when you do it well.  Installing a new driveway can be the biggest investment you will make in a garden. Driveways take up a massive proportion of garden space, and […] read more


Don’s Tips: Old Husband’s Tales

Don's Tips

Today we’ll look at some classic Old Husbands’ Tales – i.e. gardening myths.  Water the garden every 2 days. This is nonsense.  A thorough watering once a week for an established garden is by far the best.  A deep watering WITH A SPRINKLER for about 45 minutes.  Light watering every day or two can seriously […] read more

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