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  • Grazing horse

    Standardbred Horse

    Breed: Standardbred Horse Temperament: calm, resilient Cost: average $300 Lifespan: 25 years Maintenance: high Recommended for: experienced horse people History... read more
  • dog


    Breed: Affenpinscher Temperament: Playful and affectionate Cost: $1,000-$2,000 Lifespan: Average 12 years Maintenance: Medium Recommended for: Young families, small dwellings... read more
  • newfoundland dog


    Breed: Newfoundland Temperament: placid, affectionate and eager to please Cost: from $1000 Lifespan: 10-12 years Maintenance: high Recommended for: large... read more
  • Hermit Crab in its shell

    Pet Roadtest – Land Hermit Crabs

    Breed: Land Hermit Crabs (Coenobita variabilis) Temperament: social, non-responsive Cost: crabs $7-$30 (set up $100-$200) Lifespan: several months to years Maintenance:... read more
  • Bird-friendly & Beautiful

    For the full article click here (1MB PDF) Don Burke says you can discourage the bossy, unwanted feral birds and... read more
  • Shaking Hands With Horses

    You often see horses smelling each other’s breath.  This is the horses way of shaking hands – via an exchange... read more
  • Birds’ Beak and Feather Disease

      Correct Name: Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). In Australia, and probably other countries, PBFD and French Moult in... read more
  • Vitamin D: A Sick Budgie Breakthrough

    The world’s most popular pet is the Australian budgerigar.  It’s kept in captivity more than any other pet but unfortunately... read more
  • Hybrid Chooks

      Whether they’re called ISAbrown, Hy-line, Hisex or Lohmann, the red plumaged commercial hybrids are fantastic layers that adapt well... read more
  • Spoodle pups


    Pet Road Test: Spoodle Crossbreed: Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) Temperament: intelligent, active Cost: $360+ Lifespan: 10-12 years Recommended for:... read more
  • Golden Retriever

    Breed: Golden Retriever Temperament: friendly, trusting Cost: $500+ Lifespan: average 13 years Maintenance: medium Recommended for: families History: Originally developed as a gun dog in Britain... read more
  • Siamese Fighting Fish

    Siamese Fighting Fish Breed: Siamese Fighting Fish Temperament: placid when alone, aggressive towards other males Cost: $4-$18 Lifespan: average 2 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: anyone,... read more