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Climbers description

  • Creeping Fig

    Don showed how classy creeping figs can look when used in a formal garden design. The figs were trained to... read more
  • White Potato Creeper

    This week’s Plant of the Week is the white potato creeper. A member of the Solanaceae or nightshade family, it... read more
  • Grape Vine

    Don looked at two climbers that will give sunshine in winter and shade in summer, as well as fabulous autumn... read more
  • Muehlenbeckia

    Muehlenbeckia Paula O’Hara planted a climber (Muehlenbeckia complexa) on an ugly, cyclone wire fence. In just 12 months the vine... read more
  • Sweet Peas in Pot

    Sweet Peas in Pot Don showed how easy it is to pot up some dwarf sweet peas for an impressive... read more
  • blank

    Orange Trumpet Creeper

    There is one climber which, when it flowers, seems to attract more interest than just about any other. It’s commonly... read more
  • Wonga-wonga Vine

    Wonga-wonga Vine The Wonga-wonga vine, (Pandorea pandorana), is a fast-growing Australian native climbing plant. It can be found in eastern... read more
  • Billardiera ringens

    The genus Billardiera is named in honour of the French botanist La Billardiere, and includes about twenty species of handsome... read more
  • Boston Ivy

    Boston ivy is one of about ten species from North America and Asia belonging to the genus Parthenocissus. It is... read more
  • Climbers

    Climbers Climbing plants are excellent for covering or decorating walls, fences, pergolas, arches and arbours. They are also very good... read more
  • wisteria


    Grown and admired in China and Japan for over a thousand years, wisteria is one of the great garden plants.... read more
  • Native Wisteria

    Native Wisteria Japanese or Chinese wisterias are stunningly beautiful plants, but they do have limitations. Some gardeners don’t like the... read more