Backyard Blitz

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Season Five

  • Ep 01 Doing it for the Kids

    Father Chris Riley established the charity organisation Youth Off The Streets to help abused and drug dependent youth get off... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 Jungle Fever

    Michael Luxford is an old fashioned bloke from a large family, so when he met and fell in love with... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 04 Valley Views

    Marilyn Thomas has taken an incredible journey over the last two and a half years. In July 2001 her son... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 05 Terrific Thorndale

    Brenda Bence is one of those special members of the community who volunteer their time to help others. Brenda has... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 06 Blitz Goes Bowling

    The Brighton Beach Bowls Club is celebrating its Centenary in 2005. This year the members have appointed the first female... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 07 Big Smoke Blitz

    hen the Backyard Blitz team put out the call for a different backyard to make over, they never expected anything... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 It Could Be You

    In a first ever for Backyard Blitz, the team decided to turn up on the doorstep of an unsuspecting Aussie... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Our Little Hero

    The brave story of three year old Sophie Delezio has captured the hearts of the nation. Just before Christmas last... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 10 Peace Keeper

    Annette and John Baird have had their hands full with a young family and John’s work overseas as a peace... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 11 It Could Be You

    The last thing Cameron and Maree Heales expected when they opened their door on Tuesday morning was to be confronted... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 13 SES Hero

    Originally from Italy, Sergio Ballarin is passionate about helping others. Sergio is a real community man and a valued member... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 16 Super Mum

    Mary Sweeten is an amazing single mother to her 10 children. The purchase of a three bedroom home following the... VIEW PDF