Pet Road Tests

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  • Dog Mat

    Dog Mat Rita Hill created a soft, fleecy mat for her dog. Sparky needed a medium-sized mat, but it’s easy... read more
  • Red-back Without Red Back

    Red-back Without Red Back Red-backs (Latrodectus hasseltii) are usually glossy black, with a distinctive red/orange stripe on the abdomen. However,... read more
  • Fostering Cubs

    Fostering Cubs Fiona Fearon and Rob Zammit are hand-rearing two tiger cubs. When only a few days old, the tiny... read more
  • Snails, Slugs and Slime

    Snails, Slugs and Slime Snails and slugs are very successful members of the mollusc family. They have brown or grey,... read more
  • Satin Bowerbird

    Satin Bowerbird Paul and Chris Coffey contacted ‘Burke’s Backyard’ to tell us that satin bowerbirds were constructing a bower in... read more
  • Jamieson the Trick Horse

    Jamieson the Trick Horse Horse trainer Steve Jefferys wrote to Burke’s Backyard to tell us about his black stallion, Jamieson.... read more
  • Talking Budgie

    Talking Budgie Recently Bill Marks wrote to Burke’s Backyard to tell us about his talking budgerigar, Frederick. Freddie is a... read more
  • Pet Cost Comparison

    One of the issues that many people face when they are thinking about buying a pet is, ‘what do they... read more
  • Rats

    Breed: Rattus norvegicus Temperament: inquisitive, bold and intelligent Cost: $10-$15 Lifespan: up to 3 years Maintenance: medium Recommended for: teenagers,... read more
  • Pet Yabbies

    Pet Yabbies Breed: Yabby and MarronTemperament: territorialCost: $9.95 – $21.95Lifespan: up to 3 yearsMaintenance: low Recommended for: aquatic critter fanciers... read more
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    Axolotls Pet Road Test: Axolotl Breed: Axolotl Temperament: placid but anti-social Cost: $20-$35 Lifespan: 12-15 years Maintenance: low-medium Recommended for: teenagers,... read more
  • Bearded dragon lizard

    Bearded Dragons

    Breed: Bearded Dragons Temperament: docile Cost: $60 – $400 Lifespan: 10 -15 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: Home units. Those... read more