Pet Road Tests

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  • Turkish Van Cat

    Breed: Turkish Van Temperament: outgoing, independent Lifespan: 10 – 12 years Maintenance: medium-high Recommended for: committed and outgoing people History... read more
  • Boxer Dogs

    Breed: Boxer Temperament: active and boisterous Cost: $600 up Lifespan: 8-9 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: families with older children... read more
  • Briard

    Breed: Briard dog Temperament: lively, affectionate Maintenance: medium Lifespan: 12-14 years Recommended for: older families History Named after the French... read more
  • Chinese Crested Dog

    Chinese Crested Dog

    Breed: Chinese Crested dog Temperament: Lively, intelligent, affectionate Cost: From $600, Powderpuffs from $400 Lifespan: Up to 15 years Maintenance:... read more
  • British Bulldog

    British Bulldog

    British Bulldog Road Test Breed: British Bulldog Temperament: good natured, they love to be fussed over Maintenance: very high Lifespan:... read more
  • English Toy Terriers

    Breed: English Toy Terrier Temperament: alert and loyal Lifespan: 9 – 13 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: small homes and... read more
  • German Pinscher

    Breed: German Pinscher Temperament: protective, energetic Lifespan: 10 – 15 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: active families, those who need... read more
  • Papillon

    Breed: Papillon dog Temperament: lively, affectionate Lifespan: 13-14 years Maintenance: medium Recommended for: elderly, units, those who want companionship History... read more
  • Irish Setter

    Breed: Irish (Red) SetterTemperament: active, affectionate, sensitiveCost: $500-$1000Lifespan: 12-14 yearsMaintenance: mediumRecommended for: active people, large families History Commonly called the... read more
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Temperament: active, friendly, loyal Lifespan: 12 years Maintenance: medium Recommended for: families History The Pembroke Welsh... read more
  • Maltalier Dogs

    Breed: Maltalier (Maltese x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Temperament: happy and playful Cost: $445 Lifespan: 12 -13 years Maintenance: low... read more
  • Maltese

    Breed: Maltese Temperament: affectionate, assertive Maintenance: medium (pet), high (show) Lifespan: 14-15 years Recommended for: older families, apartments History The... read more