Talking Budgie

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Talking Budgie

Recently Bill Marks wrote to Burke’s Backyard to tell us about his talking budgerigar, Frederick. Freddie is a 4-year-old male budgie with an amazing vocabulary. In fact, attached to Bill’s letter was a three page list of all the things Freddie can say, including words, phrases and some very long sentences. When we visited Bill and Freddie, Freddie introduced himself and welcomed us to the house, told us what he likes to eat and even asked Don if he liked the garden!

In all Freddie has learnt about 85 phrases over the 4-year period, including:

“Hello, how are you today?”
“What’s your name? Mine’s Frederick. Welcome to our house.”
“You’re a funny man Bill.”
“Dick Smith is a true Aussie, just like me.”
“Don do you like our garden?”
“Pop cleans my house every day.”
“Bill, where’s the pussycat?”
“I can talk the leg off an iron pot, can’t I Bill.”
“More spinach please pop.”

“See you later alligator.”
“I’m a clever little boy, aren’t I?”
“My pop can do anything.”
“I’d like some corn please.”
“Juliet it’s Romeo calling.”
“Elementary my dear William.”
“I prefer celery to apple.”
“Have a good day.”
“Bill don’t interrupt when I’m talking.”

Why do budgies talk?

It’s no coincidence that male budgerigars are the best talkers. Don explained that in the wild, each budgerigar, particularly each female, has its own particular song. When two budgerigars mate, the male learns to imitate the song of the female, so a bond is formed between them and they both end up singing the same song.

Tell us about your bird

If you have a talking bird, why not write to Burke’s Backyard and tell us about it? Send your letter (and a video tape if possible) to Burke’s Backyard, PO Box 929, Willoughby 2068. And don’t forget to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your videotape returned.