Pet Road Tests

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  • Soccer Budgie

    Soccer Budgie Don visited Mervyn and Sally Abrams and their amazing budgie, Beau. Beau uses his cage as a home... read more
  • Meeting People with Dogs

    Meeting People with Dogs If you have trouble making friends, our resident scientist, Graeme Quirk, suggests that you get a... read more
  • Chinese Silkie Chicken

    Breed: Chinese Silkie Chicken Temperament: docile, easy to handle Cost: $20 – $120 each Lifespan: 9 years Maintenance: low Ideal... read more
  • Obese Dog

    Obese Dog Ricky, a smooth-haired, standard Dachshund, is about 15kg overweight. He is just one of the many fat dogs... read more
  • Devon Rex

    Devon Rex Breed: Devon RexTemperament: active and playfulCost: $350 – $500Lifespan: 12 yearsMaintenance: lowRecommended for: families and apartments History The... read more
  • Imperial Blue Butterfly

    Imperial Blue Butterfly John Dengate came across a caterpillar covered by a swarm of ants. At first glance it seemed... read more
  • Baby Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo – Update

    Three weeks ago Don showed a baby Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo that he’d bred. The tiny chick, which was living in a... read more
  • Fake Pets

    Name: AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) Cost: $3000 plus accessories Longevity: 10+ years Maintenance: medium (charging and ‘training’ required) Recommended for:... read more
  • Selkirk Cats

    Breed: Selkirk cats Temperament: placid, love companionship Cost: $300 (pet) $500 (show) Lifespan: up to 15 years Maintenance: low (shorthair) medium (longhair) Recommended for: anyone who... read more
  • Curled up poodle


    Breed: Poodle Temperament: intelligent but can be neurotic Lifespan: up to 15 years Maintenance: high Recommended for: families, singles, elderly... read more