Backyard Blitz

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Fact Sheets and instructions for projects from the show

Backyard Blitz Makeovers

  • Ep 20 Steps to Style

    Mark and Lindi Greenfield are a typical young couple who have recently bought their first home and are relying on... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 20 Take It Or Leave It

    Like many Australians Therese Fox was holidaying in Bali in October 2002. Therese was the most severely injured Australian survivor... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Blitz for Kidz

    Grant and Lisa Wilkinson have two young children, Rochelle aged 6 and Aaron aged 4. They had just finished rebuilding... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Garden Tapestry

    Modern life doesn’t suit Yvan Valenduc. Yvan has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which was triggered during his work with chemicals... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Kids Under Cover

    Thousands of children sleep on the streets of Australia every night, because they don’t feel safe at home. Kids Under... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Underground Bungalow

    Bruce and Margaret Dunn have always longed for a peaceful place in the bush. They have spent the last 2... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Family Fun

    The naturally conceived quintuplets (five children from one pregnancy) of Brent and Merryn Laverack were an unexpected surprise to their... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Home Away From Home

    Sue Medhurst has fostered over 260 children in the last 20 years. These children generally come from a traumatised family... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Memorial Garden

    Darren and Katrina Vogelzang have had their fair share of highs and lows in the past few years. They are... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Suburban Oasis

    Jaques Saupin has been one of Jenny Middleton’s best friends for over 15 years. He has stood by her through... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Rainforest Retreat

    riven by a desire to contribute to their local community, both Kane and Lara Lambkin devote many hours to their... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Summer Stunner

    Forrest Wiles loves his teacher. So much so that he nominated her for a Backyard Blitz makeover to thank her... VIEW PDF