Backyard Blitz

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Fact Sheets and instructions for projects from the show

Backyard Blitz Makeovers

  • Ep 23 The Entertainer

    Marty and Mitch’s love is contagious. They have the extraordinary ability to make everyone around them feel welcome, special and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Viva La Mexicana

    Rita Ralston is a fun-loving mother who always looks for the good in life. Despite the difficulties of divorce and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 24 Garden Revival

    Volunteers are the backbone of the local community. These are the unseen and often unsung heroes who keep things running... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 24 Shabby but Chic

    Ray aka ‘Sugar Ray’ Good has been working late nights as a resident DJ in a Sydney nightclub for years.... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 25 Border Brilliance

    All Australians can be proud of young people like Paul and Rebecca Beck. Having met as volunteers through the children’s... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 25 Dream Makeover

    Shaun Kent is a young boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. With his father on peacekeeping... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 25 On The Level

    Michelle Singh is a miraculous mother to three beautiful children. While pregnant with her third child, Michelle lost her husband... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 26 Family Form

    Karen Kennedy and her young family have had a tough time over the last few years. Ten days before Christmas,... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 26 Father of the Year

    Chris Thompson is the Backyard Blitz ‘Father of the Year’. And what a father he is – to nine children.... VIEW PDF
  • Repeat – Jungle Magic

    The James family have a unique living arrangement. Three generations and six members of the adult family live under the... VIEW PDF
  • Repeat – Sail Away

    Ian Muir is a modern day father of three, who works hard to support his children. His ex-wife is so... VIEW PDF