Don’s Tips: Sharks & Magpies




What do you do about sharks that attack people?  What do you do about aggressive magpies?

Well we must consider the planet first.  Mankind has taken over most ecosystems: some animals are endangered, others are over-populated.

So we need to save and protect endangered animals, but we also need to control numbers of over-populated animals that have become a nuisance.  Man must act to create balanced wildlife populations much as nature used to do.

So, I have no problem with killing overly-aggressive magpies.  The friendly ones that remain will breed well and create a better world for us and them.  If you don’t do something sooner or later people will take the law into their own hands.

So I advocate controlling sharks around beaches, kangaroos of non-endangered species on farms, problem magpies in suburbia, flying foxes in the wrong place, nuisance possums etc.

Think about it:  we must take over the job that Nature once did.  It’s also all about balance.  Over the last few years seven hundred koalas were put down along the Great Ocean Road due to the failure of management systems.

We can do much better than this.