Don’s Tips: Fuchsias





Are you in the mood for something old-fashioned?  Something soft & girly, but that’s fun for the kids.

… Well I’m talking about fuchsias.  These graceful and charming old-fashioned flowers grow into small bushes in part shade… or they can grow as cascading plants in baskets.

Fuchsias have flowers like the billowing dresses that women wore in the 1800s.  Their flowers can be coloured red, purple, pink, white or many combinations of these colours.  Nothing is more graceful than a fuchsia … and few plants are as hardy.

If you don’t know fuchsias, ask about them at your local nursery or hardware store.

The top petals sort of blow up in the air a bit like the iconic photo of Marilyn Munro with her dress blowing around.

Best of all, fuchsias do best in part shade.  So they are perfect for the partly shaded areas of the garden where nothing grows.  Or they are perfect for growing under pergolas or beside the house.

Look at the fuchsia!  As Malcolm Turnbull said…