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Fuchsias are among the most popular garden plants in the world. They are extremely versatile and can be grown in shaded gardens or in hanging baskets and pots. Fuchsias can also be trained as hoops or standards but the modern hybrid fuchsias are really for people with some time on their hands.

Water your fuchsias twice a day if the temperature is in the 20s, three times a day if it’s in the 30s and four times a day if the temperature reaches the 40s.

Hint: If a fuchsia in a pot or basket dries out, plunge the container into a bucket of water and leave it to absorb water. This helps revive the plant and thoroughly re-wets the potting mix.


Fuchsias, particularly potted and basket specimens, benefit from regular pruning. prune hard in late winter (usually July or August, but leave longer in a frost-prone district) – cut back to the original framework of branches. In warm climates prune again in summer after the main flush which will encourage a second flush of flowers in autumn. regularly tip prune (pinch out the growing tip) to encourage bushy growth. root prune basket grown plants in late winter. Replant in the same size basket.

The Fuchsia Club of NSW recommends the following:

Reliable Plants:

Upright: suitable for ground/ pot: Ambassador, Joy Patmore; Lord  Byron , Delta’s Night, Soldier of Fortune, Blue Bounty , Checkerboard, Display

Trailers: Suitable for basket/ pot/ front of the border :   Swingtime,  Aunty Jinks, Cascade

Availability and prices

Fuchsias can be hard to get from retail nurseries but can be purchased via Mail Order from
Brenlissa Fuchsias, 47 Wicklow Drive, Invermay. Vic.  3350 – Ph 0438 3935 78

For further information

Information re fuchsias can be found via:
Fuchsia Club of NSW (www.fuchsiaclubnsw.com.au)
Australian Fuchsia Society, based in SA – www.fuchsia.org.au
Canberra Geranium & Fuchsia Society Inc. -geraniumsfuchsias.websyte.com.au
West Australian Fuchsia Society Inc:
David Pooley President – 08 9354 1431
Interstate Liaison Officer – Helen Martin-Beck 08 – 9401 4944

Or go to:  www.nurseriesonline.com.au/clubsandevents/FUSCHIA%20SOCIETIES.html
NOTE:  The above web address has an incorrect spelling for fuchsia – it will not work if you don’t use the misspelling

Fuchias are often sold at expos/fairs/ events etc by the various clubs so it’s worthwhile getting in touch with them. 

The Australian Fuchsia Society, Inc., has an excellent guide to fuchsia growing in Australia. It is called ‘Succeeding with Fuchsias in South Australia’ and is available from the society for $2.50 (including postage). Membership is $8.50 (single) and $12.00 (family). For membership or the booklet, write to:

Honorary Secretary
Australian Fuchsia Society Inc
PO Box 97
Kent Town SA 5071

The society holds regular meetings, an annual show in November, and publishes a quarterly journal which is mailed to all members.

There are also fuchsia clubs in the ACT and Western Australia.

ACT: Canberra Geranium and Fuchsia Society Inc.
Secretary – Mrs Irene Brewer. Phone: (02) 6297 4658.

WA: West Australian Fuchsia Society Inc.
Secretary – Helen Martin-Beck. Phone: (08) 9401 4944
email [email protected] for information regarding monthly meetings.