Don’s Tips: No Fruit On Lemon


No Fruit On Lemon

This month we are going to look at the most common problems that people encounter in their back and front yards.

The first one is, “why is my lemon or orange tree not fruiting?”.

Young citrus trees usually don’t fruit well for about 18 months after planting. Mandarins and grapefruit often only fruit well every second year. All of this is normal.

When backyard oranges, lemons, limes, etc. fail to fruit in other circumstances it can be:

• Not enough hours of sunlight each day (they need 8)
• Failure to fertilise the tree in August and February with citrus or rose food.
• Drying out due to poor watering. Water them once a week for at least 15 minutes to stop fruit drop.
• Extreme wet weather for long periods can also cause fruit drop.

….. next post, how to beat lawn weeds.

Hooroo, Don.