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Fact Sheets and instructions for projects from the show

Backyard Blitz Makeovers

  • Ep 13 Mums Melbourne Makeover

    Corina La Riccia is the head of a household of men. As a mother of 6 boys aged between 5... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 13 SES Hero

    Originally from Italy, Sergio Ballarin is passionate about helping others. Sergio is a real community man and a valued member... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 13 Simulcast

    In an innovative Blitz first, we launch an interactive “smellivision” experience! In partnership with the Burke’s Backyard magazine, viewers can... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Battle of the Kids

    Blitz throws out the rule book, and 2 families will never be the same again! Meet the neighbours! With a... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Bright Future

    Kim Porter is battling cancer but husband, Colin, is confident of a bright future for the couple and their four... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Family Paradise

    The Deacon family have had their fair share of tough times. Illness has struck their family with breast cancer and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Garden Therapy

    Cameron Zipf is only 12 but he has had a tough few years. He was seriously injured in a farm... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Miracle Mum

    Moira Kelly has been dedicated to helping others for most of her life. Her efforts over the last ten years... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 14 Ultimate Outdoor Entertainer

    Isn’t it every family’s dream – to have the ultimate outdoor entertaining area? In this episode, we created a luxury... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 15 Kiddies Corner

    Sasha Williams has fitted a lot into her 29 years of life. A mother to four children, a wife for... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 15 Relax and Enjoy

    When Shane and Michael Clements bought their new house three years ago the backyard was dominated by two large, disused... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 15 Squatters Garden

    David Woodward is a typical Aussie who loves nothing more than a barbecue and a game of cricket with friends... VIEW PDF