Backyard Blitz

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Fact Sheets and instructions for projects from the show

Backyard Blitz Makeovers

  • Ep 07 Greco Roman Garden

    Chris Johansen spends nights and weekends in his garden shed but he’s not barred from the house nor is he... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 07 Moroccan Magic

    Eddie and Naomi Mallia have had some difficult times recently. Their declining health and a massive renovation on their home... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Chip off the Old Block

    Things didn’t get off to an ideal start for newly weds Sandra and Simon Hockaday. Weeks out from their wedding,... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Drainage Dilemma

    Good gardens are continually evolving and are thus never actually ‘finished’. But this garden in Sydney’s southern suburbs was never... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Family Space

    Jim and Mary Reeves have had a hard time getting into their own home. They bought an old house with... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Four Times the Fun

    Young couple Tim and Suzy Ceeney had their life turned upside down in 2003 when they learnt they were expecting... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 It Could Be You

    In a first ever for Backyard Blitz, the team decided to turn up on the doorstep of an unsuspecting Aussie... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Up Front

    Mark and Penny Horsnell had a dream of a beautiful four bedroom home on a quarter acre site. They both... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Urban Oasis

    Brett Russell has always had a passion for the theatre. At the age of 8 he was taking over school... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Chequerboard Garden

    The Schulman family (Robert, Hazel and sons Craig, Russell and Jason) enjoy the great outdoors but they’re not great gardeners.... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Concrete to Classic

    Bill and Tina Psarakis have lovingly restored a Victorian home and as with most renovations, the garden has been left... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Focal Point

    Chris and Beatie Parsons bought their house in desperation having missed out on so many others in their search for... VIEW PDF