Backyard Blitz

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Season Three

  • Ep 01 Revisiting Old Friends

    Since March 2000, 50 gardens across Australia have been madeover by the Backyard Blitz team. With a combined total of... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 Garden Gallery

    Jill Clements is a mother and talented artist with a love of colour and Asian influences. Jill’s daughters nominated her... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Lakeside Luxury

    Harry and Colleen Andronicos have helped others all their lives. They have three children of their own and have fostered... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 04 Tropical Feast

    Vincent and Eva Huang have led the most amazing lives. To escape the communist regime in Vietnam in the 1970s,... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 05 Stylish Serenity

    Nancy and Tony Hokin have been married for more than 30 years. Their love of animals – and racing greyhounds... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 06 Double or Nothing

    Terry and Joanne Smith have helped their neighbours Jim and Mary Reeves many times throughout their friendship. They invited them... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Drainage Dilemma

    Good gardens are continually evolving and are thus never actually ‘finished’. But this garden in Sydney’s southern suburbs was never... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Welcome Home

    Becoming the adoptive parents of Ethiopian youngsters Melkitu and Yibitel has been a dream come true for Scott and Debbie... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 10 Resort Retreat

    Bernie Crew and his wife Sharon have more complicated and stressful lives than most parents, as 2 of their 4... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 11 Mediterranean Makeover

    The El Cheikhs are a typical Aussie family. Recently married with two young children, Zahra and her husband Maher have... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 12 Mighty Tots

    When Cathie Morton moved from Adelaide to Sydney with her husband Jeff and their four children five years ago, she... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 13 Mums Melbourne Makeover

    Corina La Riccia is the head of a household of men. As a mother of 6 boys aged between 5... VIEW PDF