Backyard Blitz

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Season Two

  • Ep 01 Baby Blitz

    In 1997, Helen Brooks visited Australia from England and loved the place so much she decided to stay. It was... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 Summerhouse

    The Backyard Blitz team transformed this average backyard into a bountiful garden that invites you to sit and relax. Landscape... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Peaceful Haven

    In October 1999 motorcyclist Stephen Deegan was involved in a horrific head-on collision with a car. He was severely injured... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 04 Communal Garden

    Twelve year old Jessica was adopted from Brazil by Dennis and Karin Kreig as a baby. Jessica feels so lucky... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 05 Contemporary Chic

    For as long as 18 year old Mia Airth can remember her Dad, Brian, has been sick. Today with his... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 06 Brady Bunch

    Tracey Watkins is part of a real life Brady Bunch. Tracey, her husband Mark, their three children and the dog... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 07 Moroccan Magic

    Eddie and Naomi Mallia have had some difficult times recently. Their declining health and a massive renovation on their home... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 08 Family Space

    Jim and Mary Reeves have had a hard time getting into their own home. They bought an old house with... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 09 Concrete to Classic

    Bill and Tina Psarakis have lovingly restored a Victorian home and as with most renovations, the garden has been left... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 10 Top Deck Landscape

    For Sydney couple Robbie and Fred Oglethorpe, their new home, an old style rooftop beachside apartment, was a bargain buy... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 11 Sail Away

    Ian Muir is a modern day father of three, who works hard to support his children. His ex-wife is so... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 12 Final Frontier

    When Hillary Deegan contacted the Backyard Blitz team to ask for their help in making over the run down rear... VIEW PDF