Backyard Blitz

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Fact Sheets and instructions for projects from the show

Backyard Blitz Makeovers

  • Ep 02 Summerhouse

    The Backyard Blitz team transformed this average backyard into a bountiful garden that invites you to sit and relax. Landscape... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 The Honeymooners Garden

    The Backyard Blitz team turned a neglected, uninspiring backyard into a relaxing yet stylish garden. Before After The plan was... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 Three Shades of Green

    Not everyone has the luxury of a sunny, north-facing garden and when it comes to plant choice and maintenance, a... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 02 Wedded Bliss

    Dorothy and Gordon Prince have recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. They have been married for 60 years. Dorothy has... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Astrology Garden

    Beauty salon owner Anna Zaccomer, is the typical hard-working mum. She’s got two small kids and a very busy and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Country Charm

    Blitz creates a contemporary country-style garden in memory of a wonderful Mum. The light has gone out of the Joss... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Impossible Garden

    The Blitz team look for an impossible garden – nothing will be too difficult to attempt – a cliff face,... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Kids Central

    Scott Head and his wife Cathy already had their hands pretty full with 11 kids, but when Cathy died suddenly... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Lakeside Luxury

    Harry and Colleen Andronicos have helped others all their lives. They have three children of their own and have fostered... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Peaceful Haven

    In October 1999 motorcyclist Stephen Deegan was involved in a horrific head-on collision with a car. He was severely injured... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 03 Respite and Recreation

    The Castle Hill Respite House is run by the Spastic Centre of NSW and is the only respite unit for... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 04 Communal Garden

    Twelve year old Jessica was adopted from Brazil by Dennis and Karin Kreig as a baby. Jessica feels so lucky... VIEW PDF