Backyard Blitz

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Season Two

  • Ep 14 Garden Therapy

    Cameron Zipf is only 12 but he has had a tough few years. He was seriously injured in a farm... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 15 Squatters Garden

    David Woodward is a typical Aussie who loves nothing more than a barbecue and a game of cricket with friends... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 16 Formal Fancy

    Graham and Imelda Gilmore have lived in their family home for 24 years and have always enjoyed the neighbourhood and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 17 Funky and Functional

    Paul Doherty is a single dad trying hard to help raise his son Jordan. He loves a party and tries... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 18 Elegantly English

    Fiona and David Clarke met while they were skiing in France. He was from Australia and she from England. The... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 19 Jungle Magic

    he James family have a unique living arrangement. Three generations and six members of the adult family live under the... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 20 Steps to Style

    Mark and Lindi Greenfield are a typical young couple who have recently bought their first home and are relying on... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Garden Tapestry

    Modern life doesn’t suit Yvan Valenduc. Yvan has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which was triggered during his work with chemicals... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Memorial Garden

    Darren and Katrina Vogelzang have had their fair share of highs and lows in the past few years. They are... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Summer Stunner

    Forrest Wiles loves his teacher. So much so that he nominated her for a Backyard Blitz makeover to thank her... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 24 Garden Revival

    Volunteers are the backbone of the local community. These are the unseen and often unsung heroes who keep things running... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 25 Dream Makeover

    Shaun Kent is a young boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. With his father on peacekeeping... VIEW PDF