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Due to the high volume of questions, Don is no longer able to answer individual questions until further notice. However, we hope you find some information relevant to your problem here amongst our huge library of past Q&A’s or in one of the thousands of fact sheets available for free here.

  • Plants For Paving Borders

    Question From: Belinda Dunne in  Patterson lakes,  Melbourne  VIC   Nature of problem: Need help with what plants to have aroud the... read more
  • Old Scribbly Gum Dropping Branches

    Question From: Fred Gibbs in  Lugarno,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: A scribbly gum about 60-80 years old is dropping both dead... read more
  • Leaves Appear Burnt

    Question From: LEETA BOBART in  JUNORTOUN,  BENDIGO VIC   Nature of problem: a lot of leaves appear to be ‘burnt’   Type of... read more
  • Not Growing

    Question From: Michael in  yagoona,  sydney NSW   Nature of problem: not growing   Type of Plant (if known): lemon tree   Symptoms of... read more
  • Leeches

    Question From: Rosie Garthwin in  Lawson,  Blue Mountains NSW   Nature of problem: leeches   Type of Plant (if known): grass   Symptoms of... read more
  • Yucca Root Growth

    Question From: Janee Young in  Northwood,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: Worried about growth/root habit of Yucca Elephantipes. Can it’s root structure... read more
  • leaves on my lemon tree going yellow

    Question From: julian in  st albans,  melbourne VIC   Nature of problem: leaves on my lemon tree going yellow   Type of Plant... read more
  • Nutrient Deficiency

    Question From: Tiana P, Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: My plant is suffering from some kind of nutrient deficiency that I would... read more
  • Liquidambar Dropping Heavy Branches

    Question From: Daniel Herscovitch in  Summer Hill,  Sydney NSW   Nature of problem: Our liquidambar tree (over 50 years old and therefore VERY... read more
  • Tree Fern Looks Dead On Top

    Question From: Bruce in  sunbury,  sunbury VIC   Nature of problem: tree fern looks dead on top.   Type of Plant (if known): tree... read more
  • Banana Tree Not Bearing Friut

    Question From: ros thomas in  singleton heights,  singleton NSW   Nature of problem: banana tree isn’t bearing friut   Type of Plant (if... read more
  • Bumps/lumps appearing on my Silver Birch tree

    Question From: Matt Jackson in  Point Cook ,  Melbourne VIC   Nature of problem: Bumps/lumps appearing on my Silver Birch tree   Type... read more