Don’s Expert Answers: soil requirements for a 3′ high raised garden for a wheel chair gardener.

Question From:
Judy in Morisset Park, Morisset Park New South Wales

Nature of problem:
soil requirements for a 3′ high raised garden for a wheel chair gardener.

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Other Comments:
a group of volunteers began to put in 3 raised 3′ high gardens for a wheelchair gardener!

we have put bricks in the bottom 2/3, pebbles to fill in the gaps and now hope to put the top soil on top BUT I am concerned all the nutrients and even soil will just wash down into the pebbles and bricks.

should we put a layer of clay soil first?


Hi Judy, that is very good and kind work that you are doing. I like your experimental approach, but let’s hope that the soil will wash down into the pebbles & rocks! The pebbles and rocks would have been better replaced by river sand and potting mix plus soil. You have far too little volume left for decent soil and/or potting mix. It would have helped me a lot if you had mentioned what plants the gardener was going to grow too. Good luck in what you are doing, and who knows, it might just work really well. Maybe send me a photo in about a year or two. Don