Can I Grow Lilly Pilly from Cuttings?

Question From: 
Lloyd Humphries in  Withcott,  Toowoomba QLD


Nature of problem: 
Can Lilly Pillys be grown from cuttings


Type of Plant (if known): 
Lliiy Pilly


Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try NOT to diagnose your problems yourself): 
no problem


Soil Type (e.g. sandy, clay or loam) OR Potting Mix Type: 


How often do you water the plant:


How many hours of sunlight does the plant get each day:


What type of plant is it:
Lilly Pilly


How long since you planted it:


Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when:


Is the plant indoors or outdoors: 


Is the plant in a pot or in the ground: 
Neither yet


What other treatments have you given the plant: 

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Answer:  Hi Lloyd,   Yes you can grow lillypillies from cuttings. Use hardened new growth in Oct/Nov and put the cuttings in potting mix, water well and place them in a sealed clear plastic bag in part shade.  Good luck,  Don