Don’s Expert Answers: Bottlebrush close to pier foundation

Question From:
George in FISH HOEK, Cape Town International

Nature of problem:
Bottlebrush close to pier foundation

Type of Plant (if known):

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How often do you water the plant:

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How long since you planted it:

Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when:

Is the plant indoors or outdoors:

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Other Comments:
Hi Don, I found an answer from you on the web to a question by a reader that was concerned about a bottlebrush to close to their house and possibly causing damage to the foundations. In your answer you assumed the house had a solid slab, and hence concluded it poses no risk. I have the same question, with a healthy bottlebrush with height 3m and spread 2m planted about 1m from a pier of a 60 year old home at ground level. The pier is probably about 0.5m beneath ground level. The pier is one of three that supports a 12m RC beam at first floor level on top of which the front wall of the home is built (the home is built on a slope). It is a beautiful self sustaining tree and would hate to kill it. Kind regards, George

Hi George, I see no problems at all with the bottlebrush’s roots in your situation. They love water, always growing near creeks or rivers in the wild in Australia, so they can block leaking water pipes (eg sewerage). But they do not cause the leaks: they just capitalise on them. They do not do structural damage at all. thanks for a precise and clear question. Don