Don’s Tips – Winter Orchids


Winter Orchids

Cymbidium – Winter Orchids


Not many plants flower in winter… but Cymbidium orchids do!

This is a great time to buy some.  These days they come in bright colours like red, orange, yellow, white and multicolours.

There are also miniature orchids with mini flowers.

You need to watch out for snails as they eat the developing flower heads.  Use Multiguard as it is safe with pets and wildlife.  OR if you go out at night with a torch you can capture the snails and dispose of them.

When the orchid’s flowers have finished, it’s time to repot them or to divide them.

Some people bring orchids inside while they are flowering.  This is perfectly OK, but put them back outside in a semi-shaded position as soon as the flowers have finished.

Do look at orchids at your plant shop – they are much prettier now than they used to be.