Don’s Tips: Orchids



The word “orchid” conjures up the image of magical plants.  Orchids are the favourite plant for high school formals, for high fashion women and they also make superb potted plants in gardens.

An orchid corsage costs around $45 – that is for a few cut flowers joined together.  This makes a living orchid plant a great buy.

You grow orchids in orchid potting mix and they are really easy to grow.  They are flowering now. 

These days cymbidium orchids come in white, green, yellow, red, maroon, orange, peach and many other colours. 

There are hanging orchid varieties where the flowers cascade down from a hanging pot and there are miniature cymbidium orchids that have exquisite charm too.

Orchids do have a place in all modern gardens; they are stylish, beautiful and can be matched to your design and colour scheme.

Try some!

Hooroo! Don