Don’s Tips: Orchids In The Bathroom


Orchids In The Bathroom

Do you have the luxury of a bathroom with a heated floor?  If you do, you will be enjoying one of life’s great luxuries.  But consider that this warm room is ideal for growing tropical indoor plants.  Most indoor plants hate cold weather below about 15ºC.

In my bathroom which, luckily for me, does have a heated floor, I grow stunning tropical orchids – mostly the moth orchid aka phalanopsis.  These superb plants flower for many months of the year and come in pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, multicolours and purest white.  They grow to perfection in a bathroom with a heated floor.

Most other indoor plants will also love the heated bathroom.  Try maidenhair ferns, palms, Madonna lilies – almost any indoor plant will do.

If you are planning a new bathroom, consider installing an (off peak) heated floor.

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