Don’s Tips: Weeds




Currently we are being deluged by complaints about garden weeds.

This last summer was constantly wet in so many areas leading to weeds growing as never before …. What do you do?

If your weeds are really daunting, just tackle small areas at a time.  But some more mulch and pick out an area about 5m long.  Carefully hand weed it then top up the mulch.  This will give you the renewed enthusiasm to tackle the next 5m of weeds.

You can use glyphosate weed killer.  As it is now autumn, you will find that two new formulations will work far better.  Zero Rapid and Roundup Fast Action are both much more effective on weeds than the original Zero or Roundup.  They cost a bit more but they work better – especially on problem weeds.

These new sprays also work better during Autumn/Winter as well.

Send us before and after pictures of your weed successes.  You can do this by going to, select the Facebook page (the small symbol near the top right with an f in a green circle) and then put your before and after photos in the section that says Write Something  On This Page…..  We’ll send a Burke’s Backyard pack to the best weeder.