Don’s Tips: Vireyas



Today we are looking at superb group of flowering plants that love summer weather:

These are called Vireya rhododendrons. These are tropical rhododendrons that come mostly from New Guinea.

In general they are small to medium-sized shrubs and they flower in most colours: red, white, pink, orange, yellow & multicolours. Some vireyas are superbly perfumed and all are easy to grow either in the ground or in pots.

Vireya rhododendrons prefer part shade, but many happily grow in full sun as well. They like an open potting mix like you’d use for orchids. I use ½ of an ordinary potting mix plus ½ of coir chunks.

In the ground I dig some peat or coir into the soil to open it up.

But you must try vireya rhododendrons – yes, I realize that this is a silly and awful name, but try to remember it as they are stunning plants.

Vireya rhododendrons (and I apologise for my fellow plant people who create awful names).