Don’s Tips: Trellis

Trellis structure


One of the best things that you could do to improve your backyard is to create outdoor rooms.

That is sectioned-off areas for different uses. You can create a hidden area for compost bins and rubbish bins or a protected area for your bonsai collection.

But how do you do it easily and cheaply? Well the answer is by using trellis. To create a simple outdoor screen or wall, erect some treated pine posts using rapid set concrete in the ground and screw treated pine latticework to the posts.

Now plant a fast-growing climber to grow up the lattice area. Use star jasmine or pandoreas or even a passionfruit vine.

Some people grow a citrus tree flat against the lattice. You use plastic clips to create this espaliered fruit tree.

Now, with your new latticework, your garden is far more practical and appears to be much much bigger.

Try it!