Don’s Tips: Transplanting Large Shrubs and Trees


Transplanting Trees

Transplanting Large Shrubs and Trees

Winter is the best time of all to transplant larger shrubs and even trees.

These plants are dormant in winter; the sun is far gentler in winter, moisture loss and moisture stress is far less in winter.

So if there are any large plants growing in the ground that you’d like to move, do it in June, July or August.

BEFORE the new growth of spring bursts out.

Dig a root ball that’s about half as wide as the plant is tall.  So a 2m tall shrub needs a 1m-diameter root ball.

Dig under at about a depth of 30cm (i.e. 1 foot), cutting any vertical roots as you go.

Getting underneath the roots is a bit awkward but it can be done.

Move the plant to a new hole and water it in very very well.

Job done!