Don’s Tips: Sweet Peas

sweet pea plant

Sweet Peas

Many people plant sweet pea seeds on St Patrick’s Day – the 17th of March – each year. This is a good way to remember when, but anytime now will do.

Sweet peas come in red, pink, white & purple flower colours. The perfume is excellent too.

Most varieties are climbing plants and they will grow well up a trellis or you can use wire stretched along a paling fence. There are also dwarf varieties that can be grown as weeping groundcovers. These dwarf varieties such as Pixie Princess or Bijou, are excellent in pots, hanging baskets or rockeries.

When planting, have the soil barely damp and scatter some lime on it as well. Push the seed into the dug over soil BUT do not water in – wait til the seedlings emerge before watering.

Over-watering easily kills sweet peas.

In spring you will have heaps of perfumed cut flowers for inside the house.

Hooroo! Don.