Don’s Tips – Sweet Corn


Sweet Corn

One of the most amazing and fun experiences for families with young children is the growing of sweet corn. These 2m tall giant plants (well they are giants to kids) are such fun to watch as they grow and to play “hide and seek” in late on.

‘Honeysweet’ is a wonderful super-sweet variety that the family will adore.

Plant, say, three or four rows of 8 to 10 plants per row. This creates a self-supporting forest of corn: and it should feed the family well.

As the silk threads that come out from the top of the cobs start to turn brown, the corn is ready to harvest.

Fresh super-sweet corn cooked in boiling water and served with a knob of butter on top. Growing corn is covered in the Burke’s Backyard book of vegies and fruit called “Organic”.

This is one of life’s great pleasures.

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