Sweet Peas in Pot

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Sweet Peas in Pot

Don showed how easy it is to pot up some dwarf sweet peas for an impressive result. Sweet pea seeds are traditionally sown on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), but in cool climates they can be sown in August and September. At this time of year sweet pea seedlings are also available in punnets.

You’ll need

  • dwarf sweet pea seedlings, such as ‘Bijou’
  • bamboo stakes (1.5m high)
  • potting mix
  • large pot
  • string
  • plant ties

What to do

  1. Check that the pot has enough drainage holes in the bottom, and then fill it with a good quality potting mixture. (Tip: potting mix drops down with time, so compensate by adding a bit extra.) Place the stakes into the potting mix (at a slight angle) about 10cm from the edge of the pot (leaving enough room to plant the seedlings).
  2. Place the stakes about 5cm apart. Draw the stakes together at the top and tie with string. Plant one sweet pea seedling at the base of each stake. Attach the plants to the stakes with plant ties.

Dwarf sweet pea ‘Bijou’

Don used ‘Bijou’, a dwarf sweet pea that reaches a height of around 60cm. The colourful, fragrant flowers are as large as those of the tall varieties, and are borne on 20cm stems. ‘Bijou’ sweet peas are ideal for pots, window boxes or unstaked as a groundcover.

Caring for sweet peas To grow well, sweet peas need plenty of sun (at least six hours per day). Don’t use too much fertiliser (particularly high nitrogen fertiliser) or the plants will produce lush green leaves but very few flowers. Prolong the display by removing spent flowers. Do not overwater.

Further information

 ‘Bijou’ sweet peas are available from nurseries and garden centres, and cost around $4 per punnet. 1.5 metre bamboo stakes cost about $4.50 for a packet of 10.