Don’s Tips – Rocks



If you want strong, dramatic effects in your garden, you can’t beat rocks.

Rocks can be used around ponds or to define areas. If you want to create an imaginative meandering path, bend it around a feature rock. This makes the bending pathway seem real, rather than silly. If you don’t bend the path around obstacles, people will take a short cut across the lawn.

The old garden idea of using smallish bush rocks on end to form a shark’s tooth garden edge is best avoided. Rocks always look best if laid in a naturalistic manner, which means flat on the ground, not upright. Equally, using bush rocks deprives animals of their homes, so try to use excavated rocks or rocks from farm paddock cleanups:

Never from bushland.

But do use rock – it adds great mystery and style to any garden.

Next time – how to age rocks.

Hooroo! Don.