Don’s Tips: Lavender



There are dozens and dozens of new varieties of lavender plants around at the moment.  They are awesome garden and landscape plants.

Some flower purple, others are pink or mauve or white or even blue.  Plus the silvery-grey foliage looks wonderful as well.  On top of this, lavenders have an exceptionally nice perfume and make great cut flowers – especially in posies.

Lavenders are dead easy to grow:  all that they really need is full sun and neglect.

While freshly planted pots of lavender need watering once or twice a week for a month or two, after that they do best if rarely watered and barely ever fertilised.

Lavenders love lime or dolomite and neglect.  Use the Eco Flo liquid lime products – they work better and are better value for money.

Think lavenders – use them in clumps or rows – the more the better!