Building a Dog Kennel

Scott Cam reckoned his best mate, Lizzie, deserved a beaut new home, so he knocked together this top doghouse. Lizzie’s kennel design has a number of simple features that make it easy to look after as well as long-lasting. The whole roof can be removed for cleaning, and the kennel itself sits on three low feet, to keep it away from ground moisture and to let cooling air flow under it on hot summer nights.

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ dog kennel, so first decide what size kennel your pooch needs. If the kennel is too big your dog will be cold at night, and if it’s too small, the dog will be uncomfortable and probably won’t use the kennel at all. Lizzie is a medium-sized dog, so you can work out the size for your dog’s kennel using Lizzie as a guide, and adjust the size to suit your dog.
For a medium-sized kennel, you will need:

  • 2 sheets of 18mm weather- shield ply (2400x1200mm)
  • 1 length of 100x50mm H4 treated pine 1800mm long
  • nail gun and glue to fasten it together (or you can screw and glue for the same result)

Scott’s step-by-step instructions

  1. Following the diagram, measure and cut the floor of the kennel out first, 900mmx600mm (medium-sized dog).
    (Tip: pop your dog onto the base to make sure you’re happy with the size.)
  2. Cut the front and back panels – these will be 600mm wide and 800mm to the apex.
  3. Cut the pitch of the gable front to a 45