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Around the House

  • Keepsake Garden

    Six years ago, Hazel and Hans Kuoni started their garden from nothing. Today, they have a beautiful garden full of... read more
  • Clothes Line

    Clothes Lines

      Traditionally, the backyard was an extension of the laundry and always featured a big rotary clothes line smack dab... read more
  • Horror Bathroom

    Last year, Phil Rankine travelled all over Australia judging the Burke’s Backyard ‘Horror Bathroom’ competition. He saw some shocking bathrooms... read more
  • Home Theatre Systems

      One in five Australians now has some kind of home theatre set-up, whether it be widescreen, plasma or projector.... read more
  • Vinyl Drawers

    Tara Dennis used stick-on vinyl to transform a second-hand chest of drawers into a funky piece of furniture for a... read more
  • Refrigerators

    Tara Dennis looked at some of the top selling refrigerators on the market, and how to choose a fridge to... read more
  • Home Theatres

    Home theatres are one of the most desirable luxury items in Aussie homes today. A shopper’s guide to the best... read more
  • Window Box

    Scott built a fabulous window box to give a kitchen window some old-world charm. Don added the finishing touches with... read more
  • Making an Entrance

    Whatever your style, it’s important to make the entrance to your home interesting and inviting. Even a simple vase of... read more
  • Tickle Tank

    In 1998, Irene Stone Pearce purchased a 50,000 gallon concrete tank on 450 square metres of land. The tank was... read more
  • Warehouse Garden

    When David Terry first saw the warehouse, it was a factory filled with 10,000 suits. His design transformed the building... read more
  • Get the French Look

    Tara Dennis and Rita Hill worked together to add some finishing touches to our French makeover. Tara went treasure hunting... read more