Tara Dennis looked at some of the top selling refrigerators on the market, and how to choose a fridge to suit your requirements and your budget. (Note: prices quoted are approximate.)

Leading brands

White fridges are still the most popular, and according to retailers Tara spoke to, the top three brands are:

1. Westinghouse RJ422V – $1,100
2. Fisher and Paykel P120 – $350
3. LG GR 262SQ – $600

The 520 litre fridge is the most popular size, with stainless steel and platinum finishes favoured in the metro areas. The latest growth area is in Side by Side fridges. Prices vary enormously, but they range from around $600 for a Top Mount White Fridge through to $17,000 for an Internet fridge.


These fall into different benefit categories, such as ease-of-use, flexibility, performance and durability. They include:

Solid shelving – the shelves should also prevent drips and spills for safer food storage
Adjustable shelving/racks
See through compartments
Easy wipe interiors
Easy wipe interiors Good lighting in both fridge and freezer
Ergonomic, open-style handles
Doors that can be customised for left or right opening
Castor wheels for easy movement
Adjustable front feet for levelling
Frost-free operation

Colourful fridges

Aspiring cooks might like to follow the example of chef, Jamie Oliver, and go for a coloured fridge. The Smeg ‘FAB’ range offers a retro style with modern technology. It is available in six colours: cream, green, pale blue, pink, red and silver. It retails for around $3,500.

The steel look

This has become a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. Two finishes are available – brushed and satin. Both are prone to marking from fingerprint smudges and streaking from many cleaning products. Specific steel cleaning products are available, such as Steelkleen and 3M Stainless Steel cleaner and polish. Stainless steel fridges (520 litre) cost about $2,000.

To achieve the steel look without the smudging, manufacturers are offering new surfaces. Known as ‘Iridium’, ‘Titanium’, ‘Pewter’ and ‘Platinum’, they are all made by a process called Vacuum Coated Metal (VCM), which adds a vinyl coating over the metal finish. Titanium and iridium fridges (500 litre) cost about $2,000.

Internet fridges

If money is no object you could choose an internet fridge like the one featured in our segment. It has a massive 691 litre capacity, a water chiller, ice maker, water filter, television, internet, email, clock, diary and camera. You can order groceries online, listen to music and surf the net, all for around $17,000.

Tara’s tips

Before shopping for a new fridge, measure up the fridge cavity in the kitchen
Before shopping for a new fridge, measure up the fridge cavity in the kitchen Look for a fridge that suits your lifestyle now and in the future
Look for a high Star Rating, to save money on running costs
Use catalogues, flyers and the Internet to identify the features you want
Always check the manufacturer’s warranty
Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions